10 DAYS YOGA CHALLENGE – DAY 5 – [Core Strength & Core Stability]

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DAY 5! Half way of the challenge 🙂 Comment down bellow if you are still doing it and what are your thoughts/comments or concerns about it so far 🙂

Today the practice will be a bit more intense because we will be focusing con core strength. Do the routine at your own pace and pause the video when you need to rest. Do the best that you can and do not get discourage if you can’t keep up; as you practice more and more your endurance, strength and mental power will increase! Also, let me know if I made it too easy 😉

If you already downloaded the PDF of Day 1, you will receive an email daily with that day’s routine. (Make sure to check on your spam folder)

If you did not, you can download Day 1 routine and all the following ones here: http://yogachallengeday1.gr8.com

and you will then receive an email with the following days 🙂

Let me know any questions on the section down bellow!
See you all on your mat tomorrow for DAY #6!

Sending love and gratitude your way.
Love you ALL,


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